Getting live-scores

This tutorial explains the final step in getting the current live-score for football games using our football API


In order, to get the current live-scores using our football API, you need to be registered, subscribed/trial started, and have gotten an api key and secret pair. If you do not have one, you can follow the tutorial on how to get them.

Getting live-scores

To get the live-scores, you have to send a HTTP GET request to the following: /scores/live. football API endpoint and after the dot you need to provide the format of the response that you want to get. In case you do not provide an extension it will be in JSON format. Currently, we provide data feeds in JSON and XML formats. Here is the full list of urls that you can call to get the score of the football matches that are being played currently:

  1. /scores/live.json - This request will give you live-scores in JSON format.
  2. /scores/live.xml - This request will give you live-scores in XML format.
In this example, we have used the demo api key and secret pair. If you login in, you will see all examples with your own api key and api secret You can copy this example code by clicking the file_copy button.


We support two response formats JSON and XML. If you want to find out more about our response formats you can visit our documentation reference on formats. Below we have listed a JSON examples of a response, but for more detailed explanation of the response you should read our live-score endpoint reference.

                "away_name":"Vitoria de Guimaraes",
                "score":"0 - 1",
                "home_name":"Patronato de Parana",
                "away_name":"San Lorenzo",
                "score":"1 - 1",