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    If you are looking for a fast and reliable football API provider, you are in the right place. Increase the time spent on your website by giving to your users football data for 400+ different competitions, both international and national, both cups and leagues, all the major football federations around the world and their results are in your hands. Reliable, affordable and fast football API is not a dream anymore.

Live-score API

Live-score API is a company that provides real-time information and live results about football games. Live-score API focuses on football, making it the main feature and therefore standing out for the high quality and the vast amount of football data delivered compared to other providers.

Our live-score services will give your website a unique “live” feeling. Keep your audience up to date with our reliable, and comprehensive live score feeds. With our live-score API feature, you can inform your website visitors about what is happening in other matches while they are watching their favorite team playing, or they can have an overview of what is happening on the different football fields when they are too busy to watch. And if they like to place bets they need it for sure!

Our service is not limited only to real-time results. Our football API also delivers data about standings, history data, match events, and fixtures and more. To know more about how you can show live-scores on your website click here.


Our fixtures API keeps you informed with the list of all the matches that will be played during the season. Our football API covers more than 400 competitions from all over the world. And thanks to it you will know in advance which teams are going to be played.

Get all the answers to your questions about the next matches with an overview of what games are going to be played, where and when! Our fixtures API will help you to plan accordingly, so you don’t miss any match.

Personalize your match calendar by getting ahead all planned fixtures; you can decide if you are interested in only one team, one competition, or everything! To start using our fixtures football API on all of the covered competitions, access our documentation here.

football api fixtures

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Match Events API

Every event is essential in a match; for this reason, our football API supports also the match events feature, that keeps track of what is going on during the games on air right now and what happened in a match in the past!

To know more about how the events API works and start using it right now, click here and read the documentation about it.

Get access to all the events data related to a match:

  • • goal scorers
  • • goal minutes
  • • penalties
  • • red cards
  • • yellow cards
  • • substitutions
football api fixtures endpoint

History Data API

The history data from previous seasons gives the viewers the ability to analyze and predict upcoming match results.

Our historical football API feed adds significant value to the pre-game analysis of the team and/or players with previous meetings and the latest run of results.

With several years of data available, our historical data feature is ideal for statistics or for any other project that requires a high-quality database. We also store the historical data from older games in our football API database so you don't have to worry about losing it. It's all right here, ready for you to look at it whenever you want to. Provide your users of superior experience, allowing them to have a 360° view over football data.

To know more about how it works click here.

football api history endpoint

Standings API

Our standings API feature is the most simple and effective way to showcase an always updated table that allows everyone to follow through the season any team in more than 400 competitions.

Do not wonder anymore how a club or a national team is performing; just read our documentation here to know how to use this football API endpoint.

From now on you get access to a table that will make it way easier to compare teams, performances and leagues competitions.

And for every competition with group stages, like the World Cup, Champions League or Europa League, our table allows checking with just one look who will progress to the next stage.

football api standings endpoint

Match Statistics

The match statistics is one of the core features of our football API. It is a great way to extend the profile of a football match created with the live-scores and events API endpoints.

Using the match statistics API endpoint you can inform your website visitors and mobile app users for all kinds of stats from the match. The data provided by this endpoint is not limited only to live matches and it is also available for historical matches. This makes it great tool for live-match and post-match analysis.

Here is a list of some of the data points that our statistics API provides:

  • • substitutions made
  • • ball possession
  • • free kicks
  • • goal kicks
  • • throw ins
  • • saves
  • • offsides
  • • corner kicks
  • • shots on target
  • • shots off target
  • • fouls
football api statistics endpoint

Head 2 Head Comparison

The head 2 head comparison endpoint that our football API has is yet another tool that can help you improve your website or app feeling and it is a great tool for match predictions.

By using the general history of the two teams as well as the latest game between them, you can provide yourself with a great tool of team comparison. You can also benefit here from the general form as well as the head to head form of the two teams.

Wins, Loses, Draws in the last 6 games are available with just one API call.

Team Lineups

With our team lineups API endpoint you can easily get the list of the eleven players of each team that will play right from the beginning of the match of the competition you choose.

With this top feature from our football API services you can show your audience who is going to make the difference right from the start of the game and who is staying on the bench.

You will provide your visitors and users with valuable information about the match, the teams, their strategies, top players, and much more.

Through the team lineups API you get much more than just names —you will get the most important data of the pre-match.

football api lineups

Top Goalscorers

Goals remain forever. What would football be without goals? With goals there is show, there is passion, there is emotion… There are victories.

That is why having the list of the players who scored the most is essential. Our top goalscorers API is the answer. And an incredible added value to our football API solutions.

Our new top goalscorers API endpoint offers the names of the players. However, this is not the only thing you will get: you will also have the data and documentation needed in order to get the most out of our services.

You will receive a list of the 15 to 20 of the top goalscorers for the competitions that are being played or that have finished recently. In addition, you will get the players’ performance and their teams’ efficiency in the competition.

football api top goalscorers