• Contact and support

    When you are in need of support while using the football API and our documentation or FAQ sections does not seem to have the solution for you - email us. When sending us an email try to describe your issue in as many details as possible.

    The email content is a free text. However, if you think you have problems with a certain data or an API endpoint, please provide the URL that you are using including your API key and secret. Also, if possible provide the email of your account with us. Do this especially in the case where you send the support request from a different email that is not registered within our services. If you need help with any specific data point provide the id of that entity. Providing this information will be very helpful for us and we will be able to help you faster.

    Here are a couple example that you can follow:


    I am having troubles with one of your football API endpoints and I wanted to ask for some guidance. My problem is that when I try to do ...... I receive ..... data instead.

    Account: My account email is the one I am sending this email from
    URL: https://livescore-api.com/api-client/fixtures/matches.json?key=......&secret=.....&page=....

    John Doe

    I am having troubles with one of today's matches. The problem I see is that .....

    Account: jane.doe@example.com
    URL: https://livescore-api.com/api-client/scores/events.json?key=......&secret=.....&id=....
    Match ID: 301456

    Jane Doe

    Please send the email to support@livescore-api.com

    We will try to respond as soon as possible, and get back to you in order to solve your problem or find more about your suggestions. In the mean time you can take a deeper look at our documentation where maybe your question is answered.

    If you are a content creator that is looking to establish a cooperation with us, please use this email to contact us: content@live-score-api.com The support email is being used only for topics related to the football API services that we are providing and content emails there will be ignored. If you want your email to be read please use the email specified above.

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