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Using our football API you can have the most up-to-date data by getting live-scores of each match of the Africa Cup of Nations 2021. You choose now


Let your audience know what comes next through our specialized AFCON API. You can easily get all the information by using the fixtures API endpoints!


By using our standings API for the AFCON 2021 you will get information about the classification during the group stages.

Match events

Get real-time, fast and reliable information to match events minute by minute -goals, scorers, yellow/red cards…- by using our Africa Cup of Nations AFCON API match events.

Match History

Get access to all past matches from the Africa Cup of Nations long after they have finished. The match history API includes scores, statistics, events, lineups and more!


Ball possession, yellow/red cards, shots on target, corner kicks, offsides, saves, fouls… and more! Get all match statistics from our AFCON API.

Country Flags

A picture says a thousand words. That is why, you can use our country flag service API for all the countries involved in the Africa Cup of Nations 2021.


Who are the most ruthless, nasty players in the AFCON 2021? Get the list of the most booked players, with yellow and red card count included.


Who is going to make an impact right from the start of the matches in the AFCON 2021? Who stays on the bench? Get the data by using our lineups API endpoints.

Head 2 Head

Compare two participating teams in the AFCON 2021 by using our head2head API endpoint. Which team is better on paper?


Get the list of the top goal scorers in Africa Cup Nations 2021 and discover who has performed better in the competition. More...

Pre & Live Odds

Any betting tips or affiliate website should provide its users with the odds way before and during the matches. Use our Pre-Match and Live Odds API endpoints (1, X, 2).

Team Shirts

If you would like to display team formations, lineups and other data augmented, you will have the team shirt colours available to improve your app or website.


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Cameroon is the host for this years' Africa Cup of Nations. The country was also the host in 1972 After Egypt, Cameroon is the country that has won the competition the most, an amount of 5 times (1984, 1988, 2000, 2002, 2017).

Host 2 1972 - 2010
Winners 5 1984 - 1988 - 2000 - 2002 - 2017
Second 2 1986 - 2008
Semi-Finals 1 1972

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COVID-19 UPDATE: AFCON 2021 should have been played on January and we had our AFCON 2021 API ready. But following the outbreak of the new coronavirus that is still impacting our society, the tournament will have to wait until next year. Thus, AFCON 2022 will take place January as well. You will have available the data from our AFCON 2022 API.