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Domestic Leagues
including Premier League, Championship, Seria A, LaLiga and the Bundesliga, among others.
such as the FA Cup, the League Cup, the Copa del Rey and the DB Pokalen, Coppa Italia, Emperor Cup and many more.
International Clubs
UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, AFC Champions league, Copa Libertadores and more.
UEFA EURO, FIFA World Cup, the AFC Cup, Copa America, Golden Cup and the Confederations Cup and more.

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  • Different plans for different needs. Empower your website, app and platform with our most flexible data solution. A fast, fairly priced and reliable football API which provides a worldwide coverage for up to 750 football leagues with a wide range of soccer data features. Connect to our trusted football data feed and enrich your sports content with few steps!

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Full of Awesome Features

Every user of our football API whether a subscriber or a trial user has an hourly quota of usage. The hourly quota depends on the package that you have chosen. The number of requests is counter against the last 60 minutes of your activity. If you go over this limit your access to our football API will be cut off until the cooldown period is over. If you keep sending requests they will result in an error, but these requests, even though they do not give you data still count towards your quota which means that this will extend even more your cooldown period. Once you get an error message for over-usage you need to stop sending requests altogether until your number of requests within the last 60 minutes falls back in the limit of your package.

The first feature ever added to our football API - Live scores. Get access to all the matches being currently played and what is their current score line as well as half time, full time, and extra time results. Much more information is available in the live score api endpoint.

This football API feature gives you access to our database with upcoming football matches and you can also filter through them using different parameters to make the data suit your needs.

Goals, goal-scorers, yellow card, red cards, and their recipients. When did the event happen? Get all of this information using this football API feature.

Any football website or mobile app will be incomplete without the latest competition and league standings. Thanks to this football API feature you will get access to this data, not only for the current season, but also for the past seasons of any of the competitions that we currently support and we have supported in the past.

Just because a match or a competition has finished does not mean that the use of its data is over. That is why our football API provides also historical data endpoints. The history data includes everything that the live data does: scores, events, statistics, standings, lineups and more.

Teams and competitions in our football API are organised around countries and federations. Countries are also used in many api endpoints for filtering. To make a full use of them we provide you with the listing of all countries that we have.

Everything in the world of football revolves around competitions and winning them. Our football API api has endpoints for getting data about them. You can also use the competitions ids in other api endpoint as a filter to get only the data that you do need.

Teams and competitions in football API api are organised around federations and countries. Federations are also used in many api endpoints for filtering. To make a full use of them we provide you with the listing of all federations that we have.

Football teams have more information round them than their names. Use this football API feature and get instant access to more about the teams: stadiums and names translations for example, and there is more.

We live in a global world and the visitors to your website and the users of your mobile app could be from everywhere. That is why our football API offers some data elements translated in other languages, and if your desired language is not available officially, we will still find a way to give you the data that you want in the language that you need it.

Every country has a national flag. Our football API provides you with the opportunity to get these flags directly from us and place them right next to the countries national teams names in your website or app to make the design and user experience better.

The football match data is comprised of many elements and statistics is one of the important ones. That is why our football API provides that information too. Ball possession, shots on target, off target, corners, throw ins and more are readily available for you.

To be able to completely supplement the match data together with the events and statistics you need the team lineups. Using our football API you can achieve this and provide your users and visitors with the starting eleven's of the teams as well as with the substitutions.

You have the fixtures, but you don't know which team is better. Here as well our football API comes to the rescue with the head 2 head comparison feature. Take full advantage of it and see which team is the favourite for the next game.

In one of our latest football API features, we provided all the data related to the performances of the goalscorers in a given competition. You will be able to access between 15 to 20 of the top scorers in the supported competitions.

Our football API provides betting odds for the matches and the fixtures. Pre match odds for the fixtures and live odds for the live matches.

Even though our football API is easy to start with and integrate it. In case you need help, we are there for you, all you need to do is reach out.