Live-score API Documentation

  • On this page you will find everything that you need to start using our football API. This is the entry point from where you can check the Overview of the API, the Getting started section is here too. You will also find videos and code samples in a variety of programming languages from which you can pick your favorite one and copy paste it into your project and start using it. To dive deeper into our football API documentation you can check the full reference of it.

  • Overview

    This section follows a brief overview of why this live-score API is created and it scratches the surface of some of its features. In the examples of url calls, source code, and response we have left a copy option indicated by the file_copy icon. When you press this icon it will copy the related example to your clipboard and you can paste it directly in your source code.

  • Why?

    If you are running a sport website about football or as they call it soccer in the United Stated you need a live-score feed on it. Football fans are constantly checking the scores. Whether it is their favorite team they are looking after, or maybe they are just checking if their bet is going to pay out. Fans need this service. This is why fans need live-score, but why do you need them. If you have visitors that check out your website form time to time, it is much more likely to make them stay if they have a reason. And what a better reason than having a live-score that can keep them engaged for 90 minutes and why not 120 if there is extra time.

  • Architecture

    We are constantly developing and improving our football API services. The most important part of our work is that we are trying to follow the REST recommendation is much as possible. In order, for you to use our services you need a programming language or any other software that can make requests over the Internet. This way you can access our services from any point in the world in any given time of the day or night.

  • Authentication

    All of the requests that you are going to make are GET. Therefore we have simplified the authentication to be as easy as possible. All you need to do is to register yourself in the website or login to your account in case you already have one to obtain your football API key and secret pair. This is the only thing that you need to make your first request to our API. You can also follow our full tutorial on getting your API key and secret pair from your profile.

  • Moving Forward

    We provide a variety of tutorials of how you can use our live-score API. We have tried to build tutorials that help you start using our live-score API faster. The first tutorial that you should visit is about getting API key and API secret Once you have them generated. You should read upon how you authenticate yourself with our football API. Finally, you can get the current live-scores. On the places where there are API keys and API secret used in examples you will see that the ones we use are called demo_key and demo_secret, but if you are logged in you will see your own pair. This way you will be able to copy paste code examples directly into your project. Being logged in while exploring our documentation will make your life much easier.