This tutorial describes the process of authentication in our football API and gives an example code of how to do that.


Our football API is web-based and all of your requests to our servers will be using the HTTP method GET. No api will get any result unless it is authenticated with a subscriber account. In order, to do that, we provide you with an api key and an api secret strings that you have to attach in every call you make to our services. You can see how you can get your api pair in another tutorial that we have written.

Authentication and errors

In order, to authenticate you have to provide the API key and the API secret in the URL of the API resource that you are trying to get. The API key must be provided in the key query parameter and the secret must be provided in the secret query parameter. In this example, we have used the demo api key and secret pair. If you login in, you will see all examples with your own api key and api secret You can copy this example code by clicking the file_copy button.


If something is wrong with your API key and/or secret you will get an error response like the one in the example below. In fact there is a range of standard errors that you will receive when you make an incorrect request to our api. We have listed all of them in our API reference
        "error":"You must provide an API key. You must use a GET parameter \"key\""

Moving forward

Once you have verified that your api key and api secret work as expected, you can move forward to the real deal. In our next tutorial we show you how you can get the current live-scores.