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On this page, we will show how you can use our football API to get match statistics.

For some minor and small competitions there might be missing sections of the statistics, being marked as `null` or statistics could be missing completely.

Any football website would be incomplete without being able to show its visitors the statistics of the match. In fact, this applies to any football-related product, including mobile apps, TV shows, and even radio shows. Match statistics allow people to compare the teams and predict the outcome of the game in real-time. Using our head to head football api endpoint, you can compare the two teams before the start of the match. Using our statistics football api endpoint you can compare them as their rivalry unfolds. That is why we are glad to have this api endpoint included in our service.


When using our football api endpoint for match statistics all you need is the id of the match that you get from the livescore api endpoint and the history api endpoint. The match needs to have started in order to have statistics available. Thus, this api endpoint will not work for fixtures that you get our fixtures api endpoint.


In the example above, our football API will provide you with the match statistics of the game between Liverpool and Manchester City. The response is a list of all the statistics that we have for this match for both teams. An example JSON response is shown below. Then follows an explanation of what is what in it. First, we will look at the parameters table, which luckily contains only one parameter.


match_idnumber1172252The id of the match which statistics we are going to get.


The response, from the match statistics football api endpoint, is pretty concise and straight forward, but we are going to explain it just in case. In it, the key that is in the data array is the type of the statistic that we providing and the value is either null or it is two numbers separated by a colon. The first value is for the home team and the second value is for the away team. When it comes to the yellow and red cards, using this api endpoint you will get the number of cards, and if you want to get the details of which players received the cards, you can use our match events api endpoint.

    "success": true,
    "data": {
        "yellow_cards": "0:1",
        "red_cards": "0:0",
        "substitutions": "3:1",
        "possesion": "48:52",
        "free_kicks": "10:13",
        "goal_kicks": "11:6",
        "throw_ins": "21:18",
        "offsides": "3:5",
        "corners": "4:13",
        "shots_on_target": "5:3",
        "shots_off_target": "4:8",
        "attempts_on_goal": "9:11",
        "saves": "2:2",
        "fauls": "10:5",
        "treatments": "1:0",
        "penalties": "0:0",
        "shots_blocked": "3:8",
        "dangerous_attacks": "33:56",
        "attacks": "82:91"

attacksstring82:91How many attacks the teams started in total.
attempts_on_goalstring9:11The total numbers of attempts on goal. It is the 2 previous fields added together.
cornersstring4:13The number of corner kicks for each team.
dangerous_attacksstring33:56How many of the attacks were dangerous.
faulsstring10:5How many times the teams violated the rules.
free_kicksstring10:13The numbers of free kicks.
goal_kicksstring11:6The number of goal kicks
offsidesstring3:5The number of times when players were in an offside position.
penaltiesstring0:0How many penalties the teams did.
possesionstring48:52The possession of the ball in percentages. The sum of the 2 numbers is always 100%.
red_cardsstring0:0The number of red cards the teams received.
savesstring2:2How many times the keepers have made a save.
shots_blockedstring3:8How many times a player blocked the shot of an opponent
shots_off_targetstring4:8How many times a shot was outside the goal.
shots_on_targetstring5:3How many times a shot was inside the goal.
substitutionsstring3:1The number of substituted players in each team.
throw_insstring21:18How many times each team received a thrown in.
treatmentsstring1:0The number of times when players were injured and there was a treatment on the field
yellow_cardsstring0:1The number of yellow cards the teams received.

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