Competition Squads

On this documentation page, we show how you can use our football api to get the information about the predefined competitions squads that teams announce before a big competition starts.

This football API endpoint only provides data for big competitions like the world cup, EURO, Copa America

The World Cup squads are announced on December 13 until then this API endpoint will not provide any data as the squads are currently provisional


This football API list the 23 to 26 player squads that coaches announce before the start of big international competitions. When it comes to the World Cup this API endpoint provides data in 31 languages. The players names translations are supported by certain packages only.Its response is similar to the player data response provided from the match lineups API endpoint.


competition_idNumber1362The id of the competition in which the team participates
langStringarThe 2 letter code of the language, if we want the names of the players in another language. These translations are supported by certain packages only.
team_idNumber1211The id of the team which competition squad we want to get


    "success": true,
    "data": [
            "id": "201",
            "name": "Ante Rebic",
            "shirt_number": "18",
            "position": "FW"
            "id": "8816",
            "name": "Andrej Kramaric",
            "shirt_number": "9",
            "position": "FW"

idNumber201The id of the player
nameStringAnte RebicThe name of the player
positionStringFWThe position on which the player usually plays. This does not mean that the player cannot temporarily change his position during a competition or a match.. There are 4 options: GK, DF, MF, and FW.
shirt_numberNumber18The number on the shirt of the player during the competition

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