The Benefits of Using Team Logos on Your Football App or Website

Creating a football website comes with various benefits, especially since there are billions of fans all over the world who can’t wait to find out more about their favorites. A well-setup site can bring you plenty of visitors, potentially increasing your revenue if they interact positively with your content.

However, designing a website can be challenging, especially since there are plenty of regulations that you need to keep in mind. For example, adding team logos when presenting the teams could attract more people, but you might need permission to use them. We’re here to tell you everything you should know on the matter, so keep on reading!

What to Remember When Using Team Logos

Before you start looking up team logos to adorn your website with, there are some important legal matters that you need to keep in mind. The first and most important is that logos are subject to copyright, which is why you cannot usually use them on your website without permission. You need to prove that you have sponsorship or partnership with a group to use that logo.

Trademark law explicitly prohibits the use of a team’s logo on websites, social media, and marketing materials. This can confuse the end users into believing there is a connection, affiliation, or sponsorship between the two of you. If you have permission to use the logos, then you are safe from any legal actions. However, if you use copyrighted content without their consent, you might find yourself in some trouble.

Are There Any Exceptions to Logo Use Permissions?

For the most part, there are a few exceptions when it comes to getting permission to use a logo on your website. Some football teams often look the other way, especially if you do not have monetized apps or websites, appreciating the fact that you are building awareness for them.

Still, others are very protective of their logo and could pursue you legally if you took it from the wrong place. There are some free commercially available images online that you could use, but you’ll have to find the logo for each team yourself. This can be quite a hassle if you do not know where to look. By using our live score API and other tools, you can create the perfect website without too many complications.

Why Use Team Logos on Your Football Page?

Once you’ve received permission to use team logos, you should consider placing them strategically on your website or app. Here are a few ideas why you may want to do that.

1. It Strengthens Your Credibility

Information can be found anywhere on the Internet, but you can never know what’s reliable or what’s not. Things change if you use team logos because, as we’ve established, not everyone can post these logos without getting into legal trouble. When they see that you’ve used them, it offers peace of mind to your readers, knowing they found information from a reliable source.

2. It Improves Your Visibility

Using logos makes you reliable in the eyes of visitors and search engines alike. Google and other similar engines look for trustworthy information to show at the top of a search, so if their crawlers catch the fact that you have logos, they may put you right up the search results. This will ultimately bring you more users in the long run.

3. It Makes the App or Website Easily Scanned

Very often, people tend to leave websites or apps simply because it is too difficult or takes too long to find their favorite’s lineups. This is where team logos can come in handy, as they are easy to identify. Visitors simply need to scroll and will likely recognize them by the colors.

4. It Adds Aesthetic Appeal

Websites that only have text and perhaps some colored fonts are very dull. Internet users want something aesthetically appealing to look at, but pictures aren’t exactly the best choice (especially when they don’t fit). By adding the logo, you increase the aesthetic appeal of your website and make it much more likely for people to stay.

5. It Builds Awareness

Some teams may still be known very little, especially if they are at the beginning of their journey. For instance, teams from the AFC Asian Cup are widely known, but someone at the beginning of the championship may not have that much coverage. By adding their logo to your website, you can help the teams build brand awareness.

6. It Can Earn Commissions

One advantage of using team logos on your football app or website is that you can earn a commission for doing so. For instance, if you partner with a football team and are advertising their matches, with their logo on top, you could get a commission for improving their brand awareness. If they have tickets to sell to a match, you may get a commission each time someone buys a ticket through your link.

Remember that this might vary from one team to another. Some may offer you commissions while others could simply allow you to use their logo without suing. It’s very important to talk about these aspects with the team managers or personnel responsible so that you can avoid any legal issues.

7. Increased Audience

Partnerships go both ways and while you may help the teams increase their audience with your app, they might do the same for you. Most teams will make their partners and sponsors public throughout the games or during their marketing efforts, which offers you a chance to tap into their audience and bring more users your way.

The Bottom Line

Used correctly, team logos can significantly boost traffic to your website and improve your connection with the readers. They can add aesthetic appeal to your website while establishing you as a source of authority. Just make sure that you have all permissions in order, so you don’t end up in trouble for copyright infringement.