Why our subscribers trust in our soccer API

Livescore API subscribers take the floor to explain how they are taking advantage of our soccer API services and why they chose us as their providers

Four years ago, Live Score API was born. Throughout these years, our soccer API has been providing solutions to a wide variety of subscribers from all over the world. That is why today we want to listen to them, to know how our products have been an added value for their websites and their audiences and why they would recommend Live Score API as a main provider.

High-quality soccer API service

One of the main aspects that our subscribers highlight from our soccer API products is the high quality service that they offer. José García, from Argentina, said: “I have been a subscriber of Live Score API for the past year and I am really satisfied with its services. It provided our company with a high-quality soccer API.”

High-quality products make the difference. Live Score API offers reliable, clear and real-time data, which is the information that website providers and their audiences most value. We make it simple, with an interface easy to use by our users that makes it even better.

Live Score API is becoming essential

Our soccer API products are a fundamental part of our subscribers’ websites. The information our soccer API provides is essential in the sense that it has become the main service of most of our users. In words of Seth Abadi, from Egypt: “Live Score API is providing us with affordable and reliable soccer API. Its data is the engine of our website.”

As the engine of many websites, our soccer API products are the essence of the services of our providers, its spirit, its core. And this is something that makes us happy, but at the same time aware of the responsibility that it represents. 

A soccer API designed to cover all our subscribers’ needs

Livescore API stands with its subscribers. We analyse every case to offer our services accordingly to the needs of every single one of our subscribers. We understand that each of our users subscribe to our products because they need solutions and answers to specific needs. 

“We are very satisfied with Live Score API services. It managed to provide us with all that we needed to develop our project”, said Karl Muller, from Germany. That is why all our subscribers can choose which of our soccer API solutions they want, and how they want to get them. From match events to top goalscorers —we work hard every day to offer the best features, the ones our subscribers need.

Strong quality-price balance

If we talk about business, almost everything is about money. That is why it is important to highlight that Live Score API subscribers value the balance between the high-quality of our services and the money they invest to get them. That is what David Smith, from England, noted: “Congratulations for this amazing soccer API. This soccer API is great value for money.”

Live Score API solutions present a range of prices depending on the services we offer with each of them. Our subscribers can also get a pack with different championships, including the information of two of the biggest tournaments of the next year: UEFA EURO 2020 API and Copa America 2021 API.

At Live Score API we are looking forward to provide all our subscribers with the best possible service and to offer our solutions to a growing community. Together, we are better!