Why is soccer API important for tipsters?

Soccer API is a tool that offers a world of possibilities for other sectors. Many different types of companies rely on a platform that provides them with up-to-date data on almost every detail. This is the case of tipsters, who can get an extraordinary performance from our platform for their audiences.

A tipster is someone who tries to guess the result of a sporting encounter, taking into account different parameters for example, the formation of both teams. If the best player got injured in the game before, the chances of his team winning greatly decreases, and it is even worse if the other team has won its last 5 games.

In other words, a tipster is someone who needs to be aware of the news related to the football competition he or she is predicting, and who needs to have a deep knowledge about it.

Soccer API is essential for tipsters

Let’s list some of the things our soccer API allows you to do:

The last element, the ‘Teams Head 2 Head’, is the most relevant one. For a tipster, this feature is worth gold. If we give two teams to our soccer API, it will automatically show us a ton of information about the matchup. 

Let’s take a look at an example: if we send Liverpool (ID: 7) and Manchester United (ID: 19), our soccer API will give us the last 6 matches of each team and the last 6 games they faced each other, with all the scores and data. The tipster can take all this information into account for his or her prediction, so he or she can improve his or her chance to win.

In fact, all other features can be very useful to a tipster: the past matches list can be very indicative of the current performance of each team, match statistics and can reveal some implicit information on a game.

Here’s how a tipster can take advantage of our soccer API

On one hand, if the tipster knows how to consume our soccer API, and if he or she has some coding skills, then one can write scripts that will fetch and analyse the football data, and return a win percentage of a team in a match. For example, it can be very useful to combine the past matches lists and Teams Head2Head to deduce a potential winner. We can also go deeper and do a real and complex algorithm that will analyse each section of the list we showed before, and reduce all the data into a win chance for both teams of a match. Of course, if a tipster does not have any coding skill, they can hire someone for coding this algorithm.

On the other hand, if the tipster has a community that follows his or her sport predictions on the website, our soccer API can be easily integrated. The tipster can take advantage of our live score API and offer to the community a way to follow the matches online, directly on the website, or can display other features, such as the next matches, the past results.

All in all, our soccer API can definitely boost a tipster’s business by increasing his or her offer. Improving the website and the data that is displayed. It can also increase his or her win percentage, and make a real long-term difference. It’s a tool that should not be neglected, and each tipster needs, at least, to think about it.