Part 2 of our Tutorial on How to create a website

How to create a livescore website part 2

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The speed with which you present the live scores, that you get from our soccer api, to your users is the most crucial aspect of your success. That is why in our second video tutorial, we address how can you speed up this process using caching with a local database.

Furthermore, the design of every website and page matters. We talk about this in the video as well, and we believe that Twitter bootstrap is a good starting point in making things look better before moving on to other themes or special design.

Finally, the kick-off times of the matches in our soccer api are all set in UTC time. Not all of your users will be in the UTC timezone, so you need a way to present them with the correct kick-off times in their local timezone. This is the last point of our discussion in this video.

additional RESOURCES

Our  soccer api full documentation

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