Head 2 Head football api endpoint – now available

Football API Head 2 Head

When it comes to football and comparing 2 teams, the head to head comparison seems to be the most interesting way of comparing. Any football api will be incomplete without such functionality. That is why we are happy to announce that you can now take advantage of this feature using our services.

Through this new API endpoint, you will be able to gather general information about the teams. On top of that their recent form both in their last 6 games as well as in their last matches against the other team. The form is indicated in the standard W, D, L letters respectively for Win, Draw, Loss.

On top of that, you will get a detailed match history information about their recent matches the same way you get when you use our football matches history api endpoint. Talk about a lot of data in one request. If you take a look at the documentation of the head 2 head football api endpoint you will see for yourself how much information there is. We designed this endpoint like that to save you hassle and requests that can be used for getting other types of data.