Filter fixtures by round – now available

Football API fixtures
Football API fixtures

Fixtures -the scheduled matches. You can get these from our football API. We have added a new filter to the fixtures API endpoint. Until now there was the possibility to filter the fixtures during your request using various filters like:

  • date – the date when the fixtures will be played
  • competition_id – the id of the competition where the matches will be played, and
  • team – the ID of the home or away team to get the list with fixtures for that team

Now, after many of you requested, we have added filtering by round. Since there could be many types of rounds ranging from numbers like 1, 2, 10 to cup stages like:

  • 1R – for Round 1
  • 2R – for Round 2
  • QF – for Quarter Finals
  • SF – for Semi-Finals

The round filter is very flexible about what kind of value you provide to it. If the competition or league supports round numbers or round names and we support that too, you will be able to use it as a filter.

We used this opportunity to expand even more our football API fixtures endpoint by providing more data to save you work and spare your requests, by providing direct information about the competition and the league directly in the response.

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