SGs, APIs and Other Things Your Bar or Restaurant Will Want for World Cup

As teams in one of the world’s most global sports continue to perform in World Cup Qualifiers, there is no better time for your bar or restaurant to dive further into the fandom and the experiences and atmosphere that come with it; just in time for the upcoming World Cup! 

Whether you’ve been a neighbourhood sports spot for years, or are looking to connect for the first time, here’s how.

Become a WCQ HQ

World Cup Qualifier matches can often be as exciting as actual World Cup matches. Fans of diverse backgrounds and loyalties gather to see their team battle it out against global rivals and up-and-comers for a coveted spot in the World Cup. 

While many bars and restaurants often show these on one or many screens alongside other sports, longtime and more passionate fans prefer a location where the event is the -main event-, including when it comes to seating arrangements. Why go to a random all-sports bar where they might possibly have a view (while casual non-watchers happen to be seated near the tv) when they can come to yours with a guaranteed up-close view and planned screening specifically for fans like them?

Don’t forget to advertise screenings on social media! 

Connect with Local SGs

One of the biggest fan elements when it comes to football is the engagement and community of dedicated supporter groups (SGs). Loyal to specific teams, these groups are often comprised of dedicated membership fees, internal member communications and platforms, discounted perks and, of course, planned group outings. 

Although World Cup teams are labelled by country and have equally passionate groups cheering them on, it’s more likely you’ll find groups in your city aligned with the professional teams in countries’ leagues from which world cup players are called up from.

For example, your city might not have an Italy National Team Official Supporter Group, it may have an engaged Italian group dedicated to teams of Italian leagues like Juventus, AC Milan and AS Roma of the league Serie A. 

Searching “football supporters (city)” on search engines or social media can be a good first step. 

Add Football to your Business’ Website

Menu, Reservations, Fan Zone; the top tabs you can offer your diners, and supporters-to-be, on your bar or restaurant’s website. 

With the World Cup API, or the general Football API, from Live Score API, it’s easy and effortless to keep users in the loop on scores, standings and upcoming matches; so they always know when they should plan to be at your establishment next! 

Additional API features can include match history, team and player statistics, match lineups and squad comparisons. 

World Cup Calendar

While the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ takes place November 21, 2022 – December 17, 2022, World Cup Qualifiers have already commenced and will continue through March 22, 2022.

If you stay ready, you won’t have to get ready. Let’s get you started