5 Features Fans Want From Your World Cup Mobile App

It’s the most wonderful time every four years. Flags will be flown, face paint will be donned and all around the globe, from work, home or Qatar, fans of many ages will be checking screens almost hourly for World Cup updates; and it should be your app they’re checking. 

In addition to essentially necessary features, conveniently provided by our World Cup API, such as live scores, fixtures, standings, match events and match history, here are other engaging football features fans want from your World Cup-dedicated mobile app. 

User Accounts

Fans love an experience that’s personalized for them and what better way than having their own account in their new-to-them footie app? This personalized UX can include the ability to have the app their team colours, pick “preferred teams” from which information, stats and updates can be presented first.

Reward Points

Almost no matter the industry, consumers and users love chances to earn points, perks and rewards for their loyalty. While there may be little to no e-commerce involved with your app, that doesn’t mean its users can’t rack up the points while their favourite players do the same on the pitch.

Offer points and rankings for in-app activities such as reading articles, sharing the app on social media, game predictions, participating in trivia, watching videos and more. Don’t forget a scoreboard so they can see how they’re doing vs. fellow fans!

Match Statistics

While many fans are fine just knowing the score, others want the nitty-gritty. How many shots -on target- did Portugal have? What was England’s ball possession? Were there any corners? Everyone loves a Trent Alexander-Arnold corner. 

Get these statistics and more from our football API

Live Chat

If there’s anything we’ve learned via football internet over the years, it’s that fans not in attendance love to discuss, or yell about, the game online with friends and other users, especially on Twitter and Discord. 

Bring the conversations to a dedicated space by including a live chat feature in your app. These can be single-match oriented or for World Cup in general. 

Team/Cup Shop

Make money as fans spend money they’ve saved for the occasion. Whether it’s your own merch or promoting another store as part of a paid affiliate program, make it easy and convenient for fans to have a one-stop-shop for everything they need and want this World Cup. 

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