The weirdest season just ended —but our soccer API is ready for the new one

What is probably the weirdest season in football history has now come to an end. Our soccer API solutions are ready for a new year of sports and uncertainty.

Strange times for soccer. A rare season ends and it will begin, or not, one that does not promise to be more normal either. Some professional football competitions have ended, but in a strange way, without spectators in the venues. Something like a summer cinema without movies. And with this strange scenario, our soccer API has also adapted to the special circumstances.

If the end of this season is strange, we have few assurances about the beginning of the next one, neither dates nor conditions nor structure are ventured. There will probably be regulatory changes and differences between countries. Will there be spectators in the venues? Can the entire season be played? COVID-19 continues to leave unknowns in the air.

An uneven start all over the world

The next season is a mystery. On the one hand, the pandemic is affecting the world differently, with a major focus in America, the resurgence of the virus in Europe and Oceania, the irregular situation in Asia and the unknown in Africa. On the other hand, each country is adopting highly variable preventive measures, ranging from the cancellation of competitions to the attendance of the public in the stands.

COVID-19 is affecting sport in its entirety, with very strict health protocols, with tests and with players testing positive. This leaves an absolutely unequal situation around the world that will make the start of competitions uncertain and different on various continents.

Our soccer API is ready for whatever comes

In uncertain times we need data. Nothing is more important than a reliable, fast and updated information source that allows us to follow the most relevant sports data from all the leagues in the world. What competitions are being played? When do those we want to follow start or resume? Our soccer API is ready for answers.

Also, we are constantly working on updates, improvements and new features. We want the experience of living football to continue in time, despite the difficulties we may encounter. We want to get excited together, vibrate together and enjoy soccer together. Therefore, we want to offer your audience the best possible service, so as not to lose the excitement of football.

Thank you, subscribers, for continuing to trust us

We want to thank our subscribers who have been by our side in such a difficult and uncertain season. In the same way, we want to thank you for continuing to place your trust in our services and for wanting to continue growing together. Our soccer API solutions are ready for another uncertain year, but with the passion for soccer and data intact.