New top goalscorers API feature

Who wouldn’t like to know who are the best players in a championship? You can now enjoy the new top goalscorers API endpoint in our soccer API service.

Without the top goalscorers of the competitions, no soccer API product would be complete. What would soccer be without goals? The vast majority say they are the best thing about football, while others point out that being able to avoid them is even more important than scoring them. The truth is that without goals there would be neither show nor victories. Sometimes winning arises from the merits of a team and other times from mistakes by the opponent. But they are there and goals remain forever.

How can you get top goalscorers using our soccer API?

As an integrated service, the subscribers of Live Score API will have available a list of the top scorers of the competitions they choose. Not only the new top goalscorers API endpoint offers the names of the players, but also the data and documentation needed in order to get the most out of our soccer API services.

In order to take advantage of the new top goalscorers API endpoint you just need to know the id of the competition you are interested in and call the link from the dedicated documentation page. You can always check the full list of the competitions covered by our soccer API services. 
With this new soccer API endpoint, the subscribers of Live Score API will receive from 15 to 20 of the top goalscorers for the chosen competitions that are being played or that have finished recently. In addition, the users will also get general information about the championships, the players’ goalscoring performance and their teams in the competition.

Top goalscorers API endpoint can make the difference

Without goals there is no emotion, without goals you can’t win a match. Therefore, the goal is the most important thing in football and the top goalscorers of all times have been worth their weight in gold. In fact, in most of the championships the top goalscorer isn’t a player of the team that has won the competition. For example, Portugal won the last UEFA EURO 2016, but the top goalscorer was Antoine Griezmann, from France.

If goals are the most important thing in football, knowing who has scored them is just as important. When someone enjoys a championship, knowing which players are standing out is essential. Those names are the ones that will remain in history, so it’s important to note that this top goalscorers API endpoint is an added value that makes the difference.

For the audience and fans of soccer, knowing who are the best players in a competition is an incentive to enjoy a service. Knowing the top scorers makes the user experience more complete, providing added value to the service of any provider.

Our soccer API is constantly improving. This new feature represents a strong step further to offer the best service to the subscribers of Live Score API. With the new top goalscorers API endpoint, your audience will have a list of the players who scored the most in the competition that you choose. And not only the list, but all the data related to it -the player’s performance, the team’s best practices, and more. What features would you like to see next? Send us your suggestions