Soccer API —the key for bringing fans together in COVID-19 times

New apps allow sports fans to cheer safely from home. Here’s how our soccer API can make supporters’ experiences better and more vibrant.

Coronavirus restrictions are banning sports fans from stadiums. Some of the main soccer leagues are resuming the season, but matches will be played in empty venues. Within this context, some clubs and companies are developing new ideas to bring fans closer to their players —and our soccer API can make a difference.

In Denmark, for instance, a match between AGF Aarhus and Randers had a wall full of screens with thousands of fans cheering from home. On one side of the pitch, the app ‘Zoom’ allowed supporters to participate in the game in real-time. The screens were changing, showing how fans were following the game and broadcasting their feelings and emotions.

Japan is going one step forward. Yamaha is developing a “Remote Cheerer powered by Sound UD” system that will broadcast chants, cheers and boos from football fans. With this app, supporters will be able to choose between different sounds and feelings and in which speakers of the stadium will be played. Unlike the Danish initiative, the system proposed by Yamaha works only with sound.

In Spain, Stredium is designing a system for the stands to be filled with virtual audiences. Fans will decide from home on the actions of this virtual audience, from making the wave to waving the team’s flags. These actions will be decided by voting through the phone or a website that will work in real time. The system uses artificial intelligence algorithms and video game intelligence. In this sense, the procedure will be similar to that used on Twitch to interact with gamers. The developers assure that this technology could be ready for the fourth quarter of the year.

Our soccer API brings the opportunity to make the experience of your website or mobile app even better. By using football api for their systems, you and other creators can improve supporters’ journey by enriching the information you already have.

Just imagine it. A football fan would be able to both cheer for his/her team and follow real-time statistics at the same moment. The data that our soccer API provides includes numbers about the match that the supporters are following live, with the performances of the teams, but also they would have the opportunity to to keep an eye on other games’ results, the standings, fixtures and more. Therefore, our soccer API would be a bonus for all the fans that are using apps that innovate to break the limitations of the new football reality.

By having the opportunity to follow real-time statistics and participating actively in the game at the same time, fans would be able to have the best experience in times of restrictions. Our soccer API is an added value for football fans that are using platforms which are fighting to bring a solution for empty stadiums worldwide.