Live-score API coverage for: Austria (ID: 8)

For Austria we provide live-score coverage for 6 leagues. They are:

  • Bundesliga (ID: 11)- Bundesliga is also known as Fußball-Bundesliga. It is the main football competition in Austria, and it is organized by the Österreichische Fußball-Bundesliga. Until last year it was contended by 10 teams in a tournament in which each team played against all the others 4 times, with a total of 46 matches per team each season. For the 18/19 edition, the rules have changed. Now there are a total of 12 teams playing each other in 22 matches. After the 22 matches the points of the teams are divided per 2 and the championship will go on with two different groups: the first six teams are playing to win the title and qualify in the European competitions (2 slots for the Champions League and 3 for the Europa League); the other teams instead are playing to avoid the last position and the recession with it.
  • ÖFB Cup (ID: 107)- ÖFB Cup is also known as ÖFB-Samsung-Cup. It is the national Austrian cup. It is organized by ÖFB and it is the second most important competition after the Bundesliga. The winning team qualifies to Europa League and to the ÖFB-Supercup together with the Bundesliga champion.
  • Erste Liga (ID: 227)- Erste Liga is also known as Sky Go Erste Liga. It is the second professional football division in Austria. It is contended by 10 teams and its tournament works like the old Bundesliga’s one. The winning team gets promoted to the first division (Bundesliga), while the last three teams are relegated to the Regionalliga.
  • Bundesliga:: relegation (ID: 1024)-
  • Bundesliga:: championship (ID: 1029)-
  • Bundesliga:: Europa League play-off (ID: 1101)-