Live-score API coverage for: Norway (ID: 6)

For Norway we provide live-score coverage for 8 leagues. They are:

  • Eliteserien (ID: 7)- The Eliteserien is Norway’s highest professional football competition. The season starts in March and ends in early November. There are 16 clubs competing. The league has a promotion-relegation arrangement with the OBOS Ligaen. The 2 lowest placed teams in Eliteserien are exchanged for the 2 highest placed teams in the OBOS Ligaen. There is also a play-off match between the numbers 14 and 3 of respectively Eliteserien and OBOS-ligaen.
  • OBOS-ligaen (ID: 8)- The Norwegian First Division, or OBOS-ligaen, is the second-highest professional football league in Norway and there are 16 teams competing in it.
  • Cup (ID: 127)- The Norwegian Football Cup is the main tournament with knock-out method in Norway. The first matches in the tournament are usually in April. There is a total of 272 teams competing.
  • Eliteserien:: qualification (ID: 250)-
  • Super Cup (ID: 486)- Also called Superfinalen, that means Super Final, is an annual Norwegian competition decided by one match between the winner the Norwegian Premier League’s champion and the Norwegian Football Cup champion.
  • OBOS-ligaen:: qualification (ID: 790)-
  • 2nd Division Avd.1 (ID: 1044)-
  • 2nd Division Avd.2 (ID: 1045)-