Live-score API coverage for: Denmark (ID: 5)

For Denmark we provide live-score coverage for 14 leagues. They are:

  • Superliga (ID: 6)- The Danish Superliga, or Alka Superliga, is the top division of professional football in Denmark. It has a total of 14 teams competing. Each year, the 2 lowest placed teams are relegated to the Danish 1st Division in place of the 2 highest placed.
  • 2nd Division:: group 1 (ID: 31)-
  • 2nd Division:: group 2 (ID: 32)-
  • 2nd Division:: group 3 (ID: 33)-
  • 1st Division (ID: 157)- Also known as NordicBet Liga, it is the second most important football league in Denmark. It has been the highest until the formation of the Danish Superliga. It is contested by 12 teams that are both full-time professional and semi-professional clubs.
  • DBU Pokalen (ID: 205)- The Danish Cup or DBU Pokalen is the official cup competition in Danish football. It follows the knock-out method with 108 teams competing. The winner may qualify for the UEFA Europa League. The final match traditionally takes places on Ascension day.
  • 2nd Division:: promotion (ID: 472)-
  • 2nd Division:: relegation (ID: 473)-
  • Superliga:: relegation: group 1 (ID: 487)-
  • Superliga:: championship (ID: 488)-
  • Superliga:: relegation: group 2 (ID: 492)-
  • Superliga:: relegation: play-off (ID: 565)-
  • Superliga:: Europa League play-off (ID: 568)-
  • Superliga:: qualification (ID: 625)-