Live-score API coverage for: Turkey (ID: 48)

For Turkey we provide live-score coverage for 18 leagues. They are:

  • Super Lig (ID: 71)- The Süper Lig is the highest professional football division in Turkey, officially known as the Spor Toto Süper Lig. 18 teams compete in it every year, and the bottom-placed three clubs are relegated to the 1. Lig, in exchange for their three top-placed teams.
  • 1st Lig (ID: 72)- The 1st Lig, also known as the TFF (Türkiye Futbol Federasyonu) 1st Lig, is the second-highest football division in Turkey. The competition consists of 18 teams playing from August to May, with a winter stop in December-January. All teams play a total amount of 34 matches. The bottom two placed teams are relegated to 2nd Lig, and the top two placed teams are promoted to the Süper Lig at the end of the season.
  • Cup (ID: 108)- The Turkish Cup is the annual national football cup competition in Turkey. There are 36 teams from both the Super Lig and the 1st Lig competing in knockout phases.
  • Cup:: group F (ID: 306)-
  • Cup:: group G (ID: 307)-
  • Cup:: group D (ID: 308)-
  • Cup:: group E (ID: 309)-
  • Cup:: group A (ID: 310)-
  • Cup:: group C (ID: 311)-
  • Cup:: group B (ID: 312)-
  • Cup:: group H (ID: 313)-
  • 1st Lig:: play-off (ID: 604)-
  • Super Cup (ID: 732)- Also known as TFF Süper Kupa, is the annual one-match football competition played in Turkey between the winner of the previous season of Süper Lig and of the Turkish Cup.
  • 2nd Lig:: white group (ID: 850)-
  • 3rd Lig:: group 2 (ID: 851)-
  • 2nd Lig:: red group (ID: 854)-
  • 3rd Lig:: group 3 (ID: 865)-
  • 3rd Lig:: group 1 (ID: 871)-