Live-score API coverage for: Brazil (ID: 16)

For Brazil we provide live-score coverage for 14 leagues. They are:

  • Serie A (ID: 21)- The Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A is the highest football division in Brazil. Currently, there are 20 teams competing in Serie A. The lowest 4 are delegated to Serie B, and replaced by the top 4 from that division.
  • Serie B (ID: 99)- The Campeonato Brasileiro Serie B is the second-highest football division in Brazil. It is contested by 20 teams in a double round-robin format. The competition changed its format almost every year since 1971, but has been steady since 2006.
  • Cup (ID: 128)- Copa do Brasil is the main knockout competition of Brazilian football, it is contested by 91 teams, it represents all 26 Brazilian states and the Federal District, and it is the chance for smaller teams to compete against bigger ones. The winner of the cup qualifies for the next year Copa Libertadores de América.
  • Paulista A1 (ID: 389)- Also known as Paulistão, it is the oldest and highest professional football league in the state of São Paulo, and it is competed by 16 teams.
  • Paulista A1:: play-off (ID: 498)-
  • Paulista A1:: Trophy Interior (ID: 499)-
  • Paulista A1:: Trophy Interior: play-off (ID: 527)-
  • Serie C:: final (ID: 838)-
  • Serie C:: group B (ID: 1070)-
  • Serie C:: group A (ID: 1071)-
  • Serie D:: group A13 (ID: 1085)-
  • Serie D:: group A15 (ID: 1086)-
  • Serie D:: group A9 (ID: 1087)-
  • Serie D:: group A11 (ID: 1088)-