Live-score API coverage for: Poland (ID: 14)

For Poland we provide live-score coverage for 8 leagues. They are:

  • Ekstraklasa (ID: 19)- The Ekstraklasa, or the Lotto Ekstraklasa, is the highest division of professional football in Poland. The competition is contested by 16 clubs. There is a promotion-relegation arrangement with the league. Typically, the season starts in July and ends in May, with a total of 296 matches each season
  • 1st Liga (ID: 54)- The 1st Liga is the second level of association football leagues in Poland. In this competition, there are 18 teams. The bottom-placed four immediately relegate to the II Liga.
  • 2nd Liga (ID: 55)-
  • Cup (ID: 122)- The Polish Cup is a tournament with a knock-out method. There are 68 teams who compete against each other. The competition is considered to be the second most valuable tournament, after the Ekstraklasa. Any club that is registered with the Polish Football Association can participate.
  • Ekstraklasa:: relegation (ID: 535)-
  • Ekstraklasa:: final (ID: 536)-
  • 1st Liga:: qualification (ID: 650)-
  • Super Cup (ID: 671)-