Live-score API coverage for: Ukraine (ID: 13)

For Ukraine we provide live-score coverage for 8 leagues. They are:

  • Premier League (ID: 18)- The Ukrainian Premier League, or for short UPL, is the highest division of paid professional football in Ukraine. There are 12 competing teams. The bottom team is relegated to the Ukrainian First League.
  • Cup (ID: 301)- The Ukrainian Cup is a national football competition, and the highest cup in Ukraine. It follows a knock-out method. There are two stages: a qualification stage and the main event. The competition consists of all professional clubs, plus the top two of the Ukrainian Amateur Cup.
  • Premier League:: relegation (ID: 490)-
  • Premier League:: championship (ID: 493)-
  • Super Cup (ID: 692)-
  • 1st Division (ID: 831)-
  • 1st Division:: qualification (ID: 1103)-
  • Premier League:: qualification (ID: 1112)-