Live-score API coverage for: Germany (ID: 1)

For Germany we provide live-score coverage for 16 leagues. They are:

  • 2nd Bundesliga (ID: 1)- The 2nd Bundesliga is the second highest German football division. The league has a total of 18 soccer teams competing. The top 2 placed are promoted to the Bundesliga. Our Livescore API service covers the second tier of the German football championship as well.
  • Regionalliga Nord (ID: 2)-
  • 3rd Liga (ID: 26)- Contested by 20 teams, is the third level football division in Germany. The two best teams at the end of the season qualify for the 2nd Bundesliga, while the third placed plays a play off with the 16th placed team from 2nd Bundesliga to decide who is allowed to stay or enter the competition.
  • Regionalliga Bayern (ID: 27)-
  • Regionalliga Nordost (ID: 28)-
  • Regionalliga Südwest (ID: 29)-
  • Regionalliga West (ID: 30)-
  • DFB Cup (ID: 69)- The DFB-Pokal is an annual knock-out football competition in Germany. It is generally considered to be the second-most important competition in German football, after the Bundesliga. 64 teams participate in this competition, including all clubs from the Bundesliga and the 2. Bundesliga.
  • Bundesliga (ID: 114)- The Bundesliga is the highest soccer competition in Germany. There are 18 teams competing in it. It operates on a promotion-relegation system with the 2. Bundesliga. The Bundesliga has the highest average stadium attendance worldwide. Our Livescore API service covers all 306 soccer matches from the Bundesliga.
  • Bundesliga:: qualification (ID: 606)-
  • 2nd Bundesliga:: qualification (ID: 609)-
  • Regionalliga:: promotion (ID: 615)-
  • Regionalliga Bayern:: qualification (ID: 628)-
  • Telekom Cup (ID: 682)- Also known as T-Home Cup and LIGA total! Cup, it is a German competition with 4 teams from Bundesliga participating,
  • Super Cup (ID: 729)- Known both as German Super Cup or DFL-Supercup, it is a one-match football competition between the winners of the Bundesliga and DFB-Pokal of the previous season.
  • Regionalliga Nord:: qualification (ID: 1106)-