Live-score API coverage for: Japan (ID: 72)

For Japan we provide live-score coverage for 14 leagues. They are:

  • Cup (ID: 129)-
  • J. League:: stage 2 (ID: 152)-
  • J. League 2 (ID: 153)-
  • J. League:: play-off (ID: 292)-
  • J. League 2:: qualification (ID: 303)-
  • J. League 2:: play-off (ID: 304)-
  • Super Cup (ID: 408)- The Japanese Super Cup, or the Fuji Xerox Super Cup, is an annual football match in Japan. It is considered to be the season opener. It is played between the winners of the Emperor’s Cup and the winners of the J. League.
  • J. League (ID: 428)- The J. League is the top professional football league in Japan. Officially, it consists of the J1, J2, and J3 Leagues, but generally the name J. League is used for the J1 League. There are 18 competing clubs. There is a relegation-promotion arrangement with the J2 League.
  • League Cup:: group A (ID: 620)-
  • League Cup:: group B (ID: 621)-
  • League Cup (ID: 662)-
  • League Cup:: group C (ID: 908)-
  • League Cup:: group D (ID: 909)-
  • J. League:: qualification (ID: 931)-