Live-score API coverage for: Hungary (ID: 35)

For Hungary we provide live-score coverage for 4 leagues. They are:

  • OTP BANK Liga (ID: 57)- Known also as Nemzeti Bajnokság, it is the first level of professional football division in Hungary. 12 teams are competing in the league, and the winner enters UEFA Champions League qualification round, while the second and third team of each season enter the UEFA Europa League qualification round. The two worst performing clubs in the table are relegated to Nemzeti Bajnokság II.
  • Cup (ID: 402)- Also known as Magyar Kupa, it is the major domestic football cup in Hungary, through local competitions also amateur can qualify and take part at the cup, for a total amount of 128 teams.
  • NB II (ID: 834)- Also called Merkantil Bank Liga, it is the second highest football tournament in Hungary and it is competed by 20 teams. The first two teams of the table at the end of the season are promoted to OTP BANK Liga, while the last two are relegated to Nemzeti Bajnokság III
  • Super Cup (ID: 905)- Szuperkupa in Hungarian, it is the yearly one-match football competition between the winner of the Nemzeti Bajnokság (league) and the Magyar Kupa (cup).