Live-score API coverage for: Portugal (ID: 32)

For Portugal we provide live-score coverage for 15 leagues. They are:

  • Primeira Liga (ID: 49)- Primeira Liga is also known as Liga NOS, and it is the main football competition in Portugal since the season 1938-39. Primeira Liga runs from end-August (sometimes early-September) to May and in the league are competing 18 different teams. At the end of the season, the highest-placed team/winner will be eligible to participate in the UEFA Europa League. The second highest-placed team will join in the previous round to access to the UEFA Europa League as well as the third highest-placed team. Besides that, the first highest-placed will play in the UEFA Champions League and the second in the play-off. The third and fourth highest-placed teams have the right to participate in the play-off of the following UEFA Europa League. On another hand, the two lowest-placed teams will descend to the second division (LigaPro).
  • Segunda Liga (ID: 50)- Segunda Liga corresponds to the second division in Portugal. This league is also known as “LigaPro” (ProLeague), and it is competed by 24 different clubs. When the season ends, the two highest teams in the table are promoted to the Primeira Liga. On the contrary, the four lowest teams in the table descend to CN Seniores. Our livescore api feed covers all 552 matches in Portugal’s second tier football league every year.
  • Cup (ID: 140)- Portugal’s Cup is an annual Portuguese football competition. It follows a knock-out method and is the highest Portuguese cup tournament. The Cup runs from August to September and from May to June. It consists of eight rounds where first level, second level and lower level clubs are participating. The winner will join for the Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira (the Portuguese Supercup) and the UEFA Europa League.
  • League Cup:: play-off (ID: 197)-
  • League Cup:: group A (ID: 318)-
  • League Cup:: group B (ID: 319)-
  • League Cup:: group C (ID: 337)-
  • League Cup:: group D (ID: 338)-
  • Segunda Liga:: qualification (ID: 612)-
  • League Cup:: qualification (ID: 707)-
  • Super Cup (ID: 730)- The Portuguese Supercup is a match between the Primeira Liga winner and Portugal’s Cup winner. Since 1981 –when it was first celebrated– it has been played in August before the Portuguese football season starts.
  • Campeonato de Portugal:: group B (ID: 774)-
  • Campeonato de Portugal:: group D (ID: 823)-
  • Campeonato de Portugal:: group A (ID: 835)-
  • Campeonato de Portugal:: group C (ID: 836)-