Live-score API coverage for: Northern Ireland (ID: 79)

For Northern Ireland we provide live-score coverage for 7 leagues. They are:

  • Premiership (ID: 145)- Northern Ireland Football League Irish Premiership or Danske Bank Irish Premiership, is the highest league of professional northern Irish football.
  • Irish Cup (ID: 391)- The Irish Football Association Challenge Cup, or Tennent’s Irish Cup, is one of the oldest competition in the world and it follows the knock-out method to go from a total of 126 participating teams to one champion that will qualify to UEFA Europa League.
  • Premiership:: Championship (ID: 509)-
  • Premiership:: Relegation (ID: 510)-
  • Europa League:: play-off (ID: 555)-
  • Premiership:: qualification (ID: 557)-
  • League Cup (ID: 765)- The Northern Ireland Football League Cup, or BetMcClean League Cup, is a domestic knockout cup competition in Northern Ireland in which 36 teams play to win the title.