Live-score API coverage for: United Arab Emirates (ID: 76)

For United Arab Emirates we provide live-score coverage for 6 leagues. They are:

  • UAE League (ID: 133)- The UAE Arabian Gulf League is the highest professional football competition in the United Arab Emirates, with 14 clubs competing in it. It has a promotion-relegation arrangement with the UAE First Division.
  • Division 1 (ID: 528)- UAE First Division League is the second highest football league competition in the United Arab Emirates. It is contested y 10 teams and the two best ones at the end of the season are promoted to the UAE Pro-League, and there isn’t any relegation to a lower league.
  • League Cup:: group A (ID: 918)-
  • League Cup:: group B (ID: 920)-
  • League Cup (ID: 978)-
  • Cup (ID: 1050)-