Live-score API coverage for: USA (ID: 46)

For USA we provide live-score coverage for 11 leagues. They are:

  • NASL Fall (ID: 67)-
  • USL Championship (ID: 68)- The United Soccer League (or USL) is the second-highest professional soccer league in the USA and Canada, with 30 teams competing in it. The USL is equal to the NASL as importance.
  • Major League Soccer (ID: 94)- The Major Soccer League, or just MLS, is the highest professional football competition in the USA and Canada. The league includes 22 teams - 19 from the USA and 3 in Canada, usually competing in a season running from Match to October.
  • United Soccer League:: play-off (ID: 195)-
  • Major League Soccer:: play-off (ID: 208)-
  • NASL:: play-off (ID: 251)-
  • NASL Spring (ID: 478)- The North American Soccer League is a soccer league with only eight teams - six from the USA, one from Canada, and one from Puerto Rico. It is equal to the USL in hierarchy.
  • US Open Cup (ID: 558)- The Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup, also known as USOC, is a football knockout cup in the United States of America, it was founded in 1914 and it is contested by 97 teams.
  • MLS Western Conference (ID: 900)-
  • MLS Eastern Conference (ID: 901)-
  • USL League One (ID: 1022)-