Live-score API coverage for: Russia (ID: 12)

For Russia we provide live-score coverage for 12 leagues. They are:

  • Premier League (ID: 16)- The Russian Football Premier League is the highest division of professional football in Russia. There are 16 competing teams each year. The top 3 may take part in the Champions League, and the numbers 4 and 5 may compete in the UEFA Europa League. The bottom two teams are relegated to the Russian National Football League at the end of the season. The official name of the league is Rosgosstrakh Russian Football Championship. Livescore API provides data feed in both XML and JSON formats.
  • Cup (ID: 17)- The Russian Cup is an annual professional football competition in Russia with 97 teams competing in a knock-out format. JSON and XML data formats are available in our Livescore API feed.
  • 1st Division (ID: 53)- Russian Football National League (or official name ‘FONBET-Russian Football Championship among the club teams of FNL’) is the second highest football league in Russia with 20 teams competing in it. At the end of the season, the highest placed teams are promoted to the Premier League, and the lowest placed teams are relegated to the Second Division. Our API services provides livescore data both in JSON and XML formats.
  • 2nd Division:: east (ID: 123)-
  • 2nd Division:: west (ID: 155)-
  • 2nd Division:: center (ID: 156)- The Russian Professional Football League is the third level of professional football in Russia. The league is divided into five zones. The number of clubs varies every year, but it usually is a number around 62. You can find JSON and XML livescore data in our API services.
  • 2nd Division:: south (ID: 158)-
  • 2nd Division:: Ural/Povolzhye (ID: 167)-
  • Premier League:: qualification (ID: 603)-
  • Super Cup (ID: 679)- The Russian Super Cup is a domestic competition played with only one match between the previous season winner of the Russian Premier League and the previous season winner of the Russian Cup. It is typically played in July and its official name is TransTeleCom Russian Supercup.
  • 2nd Division:: Ural/Povolzhye stage 2: group B (ID: 1060)-
  • 2nd Division:: Ural/Povolzhye stage 2: group A (ID: 1061)-